Kitsune Name Quiz

Welcome to the kitsune name quiz. If you're looking for a unique and interesting baby name, you should consider taking our Kitsune name quiz. These magical creatures are often found in anime and manga, but can have many meanings outside of their magical abilities. Some kitsune have multiple tails, and the more tails you have, the more intelligent you are. To learn more about your own unique Kitsune name, take our Kitsune name quiz.

The Japanese mythological creatures known as kitsune are legendary beings that live in Japan and are often associated with the god Inari, the deity of rice. The name "kitsune" means "fox" in Japanese, and the creature is white in colour. It is considered a symbol of good luck, and it uses its magic to benefit its partners. Some people have encountered Kitsunes in their dreams, while others have actually hunted them.

If you're wondering what kind of Kitsune name you've got, you can try our Kitsune name generator. It will generate ten random names for you, each with a different meaning. The first five names are just fake words with a Japanese sound. The remaining 5 names are real. If you're curious, you can read about each Kitsune name from the website.

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