Laotian Name Quiz

Welcome to the laotian name quiz. First of all, let's get some background. In Laos, people refer to themselves and others using their first name. When they marry, they take their husband's surname. When they are born, they take their father's surname. Hill tribes use only one last name. The order in which they give a child his or her name is similar to Western cultures. In informal situations, you'll use your first name.

First, consider the meaning of your name. While the word 'Laotian' has political undertones, it actually originates from the French word 'laotienne'. During the colonial era, the French used the Lao word 'laotien' to describe calmness. This is an example of romantic Orientalism. Then, you'll be able to decide what kind of Laotian name you would prefer.

Aside from being playful, Lao names can also be profound. They usually are descriptive of an important person in history or a beautiful scene in nature. The second most common Lao name is Somchai, which means 'winner.' In Laos, this means 'good man' or'macho man.' Lastly, they can be either very serious or very silly.

Despite the fact that most Lao names have a 'S' sound, most Lao names contain a 'no' sound. In fact, it's hard to imagine a person with this name as an ordinary human being. However, the's' sound is a silent one. The's' sound is not pronounced by Lao speakers. The word is never spelled as 'laaws' or 'khonlaaws' in the native language. In the French linguists, they added the's' sound to the word 'Laos.' Unlike English, there's no way to indicate the plural form of the word.

What is your Laotian Name?

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