Luxembourgish Name Quiz

Welcome to the luxembourgish name quiz. Did you know that the country of Luxembourg has many names? Each month is named Chreschtmount, which means "Christmas Month." These names are fascinating to learn about, and you can use them as inspiration for your own name. You may choose your dog's name because it resembles a dog from Luxembourg, or it might be because you're fond of something in that country. In either case, you're likely to find something unique and fun in Luxembourg.

What is your Luxembourgish name? What's in a name? If you're born in the country, you might have a unique name! The German word "Hartmonat" translates to "Hartmonth." While German and French words have varying meanings, they're used in the context of January. In addition to its French and German roots, many words are borrowed from other languages, such as bus driver. For example, in Germany, you'd call a bus driver a chauffeur de bus. Another common word is gromperen, which is similar to potato in many dialects.

The month of August is also named after a month. In Luxembourg, it's called the "Hartmount." The word is related to German variants such as "Hartmonat" and "Hartmond." Although both terms can refer to other months, the French and German versions are almost identical. The word's common meaning refers to a time when people were still making their own bread.

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