Magic Source Description Quiz

Welcome to the magic source description quiz. The answers to these questions will determine how powerful your magic is, and how you can best use it. It is very important to choose the correct answer, as your choices can impact the way the world works. As the history of mankind shows, groups with great powers often gain dominion, and those with lesser powers are often hunted down. It is important to choose your source wisely, as stronger and unique magic are more likely to cause conflict with other nations. Lastly, the type of magic you are most adept at can determine the public opinion of it. Dark arts rarely win acceptance, while healing and profit-making powers are generally accepted.

Your answer will influence the way your friends and allies view you. You will find that people with Primal Sources tend to be more adventurous, while Dark Magic users tend to be more pragmatic. They have a strong creative mind and are not afraid to break the rules. They are ambitious and willing to get their hands dirty to get their goals. They are often self-sufficient and do not seek out the company of others, but they also have their own ideas on how to accomplish things alone.

In addition to their natural power, the other sources of magic can have limits and limitations. Those with Dark Magic are pragmatists. They are willing to bend rules to accomplish their goals. Their creative mind is boundless and their ambition is boundless. They are willing to work hard and get dirty to get the job done. However, they are more likely to work alone, and may not be as open to socialization as those with Primal Sources.

What is your Magic Source Description?

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