Mall Ninja Weapon Quiz

Welcome to the mall ninja weapon quiz. Taking the Mall Ninja Weapon Quiz will give you an idea of the various weapons you may have in your possession. Many people choose to be mall ninjas, which are essentially gun nuts who have been familiarized with contemporary warfare through action movies, techno-thrillers, and gung-ho military fiction. Regardless of your reason for choosing a particular weapon, it's important to have some knowledge of the different types of weapons and how to properly use them.

The Israeli Desert Eagle is one of the most popular choices, but it's too heavy and impractical for the average mall ninja. Jace Connors, a YouTube vlogger, has become something of a mall ninja, and he's gained a large fan base. While most of us are against violence, the truth is that we all secretly dream of fighting. The trick to being a mall ninja is to avoid pitfalls and make sure to stay safe.

A Mall Ninja Weapon Quiz can help you decide whether you're a real ninja. Despite their reputation, the average mall ninja is a real prankster. They typically carry multiple weapons of the same type, and are often armed with handcuffs. Even though they can't legally arrest people, they have a wide array of weapons to protect themselves and others.

What is your Mall Ninja Weapon?

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