Mandinka Name Quiz

Welcome to the mandinka name quiz. You're a native of the African country of Gambia, but did you know that the Mandinka people have a unique way of naming their children? They divide their children into age groups based on their ancestry. Young men were expected to work for their father's family, but their age group mates could also help. This way, you can find out the meaning of your name - and even take a quiz to find out.

The Mandinka people live in West Africa, in parts of Guinea, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau. The Mandinka speak a language called Mande, and their culture is characterized by a strong oral history tradition. The culturally significant Mandinka Epic is a collection of songs and stories re-creating the history of the Mali Empire.

The Mandinka people are native to West Africa. The majority of these people live in the Gambia, which is situated west of the Niger River. The area was the perfect place to farm. The only country in the world where the Mandinka are the majority ethnic group is the Gambia. They are considered a minority everywhere else. However, you can find a quiz on the Mandinka names that have the most similarities with your own name.

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