Mascot Name Quiz

Welcome to the mascot name quiz. There are many different ways to name your mascot, and this online quiz can help you figure out which one suits your personality best. It's a great way to find out more about your brand and its logo. Just answer a few simple questions and you'll have your very own mascot. Then, take the quiz to find out which name is most appropriate for your brand.

The Proctor u0026 Gamble mascot is well-known for their various cleaning products. It has a bald head, edgy earring, and a slick move. The Proctor u0026 Gamble mascott is also a popular choice and is frequently seen on television commercials. Its bald head and smooth moves make it a popular choice for people with sinus problems.

The Proctor u0026 Gamble mascot is well-known for their all-purpose cleaning sprays and Magic Erasers. Its bald head and edgy earring make it easy to identify this brand and its mascot. The spokesman is often portrayed in advertising, but no one knows what he's called. Luckily, the Proctor u0026 Gamble spokesman never says, "It tastes like chicken!" He is the life of the party.

The Perky Keebler Elves are the mascot of Progressive Insurance. They are tiny elves that work in a factory inside a hollow tree and bake all kinds of delicious food. You may recognize them from the iconic blue headband. The name is an apt choice for this mascot. The perky saleswoman's antics make her a popular choice as a Halloween costume.

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