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Welcome to the maya angelou quote quiz. What is your Maya Angelou Quote? This Maya-themed quiz will test your knowledge of the civil rights activist and poet. The questions include: "Who made you cry?," "What did you do to deserve what you have? ", and "What do you do to make the world better?" Take the quiz to find out. The results will be revealed on the website.

Are you a fan of Maya Angelou? Take our Maya-themed quiz! It's easy to take the quiz! You can choose from a list of popular quotes by this remarkable woman. You'll see which quotes resonate most with you. You can also take the quiz to find out if you have your own favorite Maya-themed quote. If you're an author, be sure to read her books! You'll learn a lot about yourself.

To find out how much you love Maya Angelou, take her quiz! She was a prolific writer and celebrated poet. Her words made a lasting impact on the world. She was also a civil rights activist and poet. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and chosen by President Bill Clinton as his official poet. She wrote seven autobiographies and recorded three Grammy-winning spoken word albums. She was also a filmmaker and an activist, and her message has resonated with many people all over the world.

What is your Maya Angelou Quote?

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