Mayan Name Quiz

Welcome to the mayan name quiz. The Mayan Name Quiz allows you to generate a random, unique name for yourself. The questions are easy and are designed to help you match your personality with your true Mayan name. Take the quiz and learn your Mayan name by answering a series of multiple-choice questions. To get the best results, try to answer as many as you can, and don't worry if you don't like the answers. You can always change your mind and try again.

Xaman, which means "star," is a powerful Mayan name. It is associated with astronomy and the movement of the heavens. The Mayan god Xaman Ek was the protector of travelers, and was often associated with the stars. Having a Mayan name like this will give you a strong, independent spirit, but you'll also be tolerant and pragmatic.

Y'atzil is a popular Mayan name. It means "beloved one," which can be a powerful quality. It's associated with astronomy and the movement of the heavens. Those born with this name are likely to be very sensitive, curious, and caring. A person with this name may choose a career in teaching or law. Alternatively, Anayansi, which means "happy rain" is a positive Mayan personality. It implies a fun personality, and is often associated with an ocean or sea.

What is your Mayan Name?

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