Medieval Name Quiz

Welcome to the medieval name quiz. If you have ever wanted to find out what your medieval name is, you've come to the right place. The Middle Ages lasted from about the fifth century to the late fifteenth century. Like the Renaissance and Age of Discovery, the Middle Ages were a period of global history that followed the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Unlike the Renaissance, the Middlesages lasted for about five centuries.

The lord was a powerful person in medieval times. He would exercise judicial powers over his vassals, deal with land issues, and supervise his peasants. The peasants would be laborers, working in the fields all day, eating pottage and crusts of bread. It was a tough time for women, as they couldn't eat until their husbands and children had eaten.

The Medieval name quiz will help you learn more about yourself. The questions are related to professions from the Middle Ages. If you're curious about the name of a Middle Ages character, take the quiz and find out what your true identity is. You may be surprised at the results! We have hundreds of quizzes on the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages!

What is your Medieval Name?

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