Mermaid Name Quiz

Welcome to the mermaid name quiz. When asked about your personality, you're likely to come up with a name that sounds pretty creative - like the mermaid Lola, which is named after a statue in Norfolk, Virginia. If you're more traditional, you can use names like Lorelai, which comes from German folklore and means "lady of the sea." Other names that can be a little more adventurous include Madison, which was featured in the 80's rom-com Splash. And if you love the ocean, you can even be a nereid! The following quizzes will give you a name you can be proud to bear, including a few interesting suggestions.

The word "harbor" is an excellent choice for a mermaid. This name is an evocative one, and it carries a nautical meaning. This name is a variation of the word harbor, which means "she who walks the sea". It is also a variant of the name Brooklyn. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try choosing a mermaid-related name. If you're not too confident, don't worry; you can always choose a mermaid-related name!

If you're looking for a mermaid-themed name, you can look into names that sound like mermaids. Dorian is a French-English name, and means "child of the sea". Similarly, Moana means "wide expanse of water." Other choices include Namiko, a Japanese name that means "child of the waves."

What is your Mermaid Name?

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