Moroccan Name Quiz

Welcome to the moroccan name quiz. There are several popular names for girls and boys in Morocco. The name Kareem is a common choice for a girl, and first appeared on the US Top 1000 list in 1972. It means noble and is a favorite among many Arab parents. Among the most popular Arabic names, Khalid means immortal and everlasting, and is a favorite among young Muslims. In addition, the name Maleek, a variant of the Hebrew word Malachi, means "friend of God."

The most popular name for a girl in Morocco is Iman. It means 'beautiful' in Arabic and is one of the most popular Muslim girl names. Other names for girls include Khadijah, which means'respectful'. It is also the first wife of the Prophet Mohammad. Another popular girl's name is Jamila, which means 'beautiful.' The variation, Jazmin, is a variant of Jamila, and it means "jasmine flower." Listed as the #112 most common names for Moroccan girls, Jamila ranks at #113 in the Social Security Administration's list.

If you're looking for a name for a girl in Morocco, Jamila is an excellent choice. It means 'beautiful', and some believe that it's an Arabic or Swahili name. Jamila is also one of the few Moroccan girl names without 'a'. Another variation, Jazmin, means 'jasmine flower'.

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