Mutant Plant Name Quiz

Welcome to the mutant plant name quiz. A mutation is a change in the DNA of a plant. These changes are often quickly noticed, but sometimes they remain undetected. Reliable DNA replication and orderly cell division are crucial for organism health, but mistakes can occur. Take this fun quiz to find out what your mutant plant's name should be. We'll be revealing the names of the most common mutations in the coming weeks.

A mutation is a change in the DNA sequence. The effects can be beneficial or harmful, but most have no effect. Neutral mutations are the most common, and they do not change amino acids in proteins. Those with positive effects are called "silent point mutations," which are not easily detected. If you're unsure about your answer, try taking the quiz again to find out.

What's your mutant plant's name? Your answers will help us identify them. The answers to the quiz can help you pick a corresponding plant. You can take the Mutant Gardening Quiz to find out what your mutated plant would look like. This fun game helps you learn about the world around us and what makes us unique. While the results of this quiz are entirely subjective, the answers will give you a greater appreciation for the wonders of nature.

What is your Mutant Plant Name?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Mutant Plant Name is.