My Little Pony Quiz

Welcome to the my little pony quiz. There are dozens of My Little Pony quizzes on the Internet, but one of the most popular is called What is Your My-Little-Pony? There are several types of these quizzes, and they all have fun character assessments. The purpose of this quiz is to determine what character you are. There are ten different pony types, so choosing the right one is very important. First, you'll want to choose your favorite pony. The characters have distinct traits. Applejack is kind and loyal, but she can be silly, too. Her personality embodies fun and good friends. She also enjoys being on top of the world. Taking the My-Little-Pony quiz will help you determine your favorite My-Little-Pony character. If you haven't taken the My-Little-Pony quiz yet, then you'll want to take one right away! You can choose from four different types of MLP personalities. Each character has a unique trait. For example, Applejack loves sweets and parties, while Fluttershy is a bit goofy. Pinkie Pie is the type of pony who likes to make people laugh. She is also a good friend and likes to party. Your favourite My-Little-Pony is probably Sparkle. This is the most popular My-Little-Pony character, and is also known as the "best student" of Princess Celestia. She is diligent and curious, and likes to learn new things. She has many different talents and powers, which are all reflected in her personality.

What is your My Little Pony?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your My Little Pony is.