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Welcome to the necropolis name quiz. A necropolis is a large, planned cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. The term derives from the Greek nekros, "city of the dead," and is related to the Latin noun nex, which means "city." This word has many different meanings, but is most commonly associated with ancient sites. The word necropolis was revived in the 19th century and began to be applied to planned city cemeteries.

In the 1700s, the Herculaneum Gate necropolis was discovered. At the time, it was considered a cemetery reserved for the upper class. It was located near the popular residential area Regio VI. The Vesuvius Gate necropolis was discovered in 1889, and the remains of aristocratic citizens were rediscovered there. In the early 20th century, excavations revealed monumental tombs of aristocratic citizens. One of the most outstanding tombs was that of Vestorius Priscus. It was a tomb filled with exquisite frescoes and was forty feet below street level.

You can take the Necropolis Name Quiz to find out the name of your necropolis. The quiz is easy to take. The necropolis is in the center of the Roman city, and you will see several tombs at the Nola Gate. There are also four Tombs of the Praetorian Guard marked with memorial stones. The Nocera Gate necropolis is the largest and most beautiful in the city. It also contains many important buildings. This necropolis was mostly used by lower and middle class people, and it was accessed by freedmen.

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