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About the Pizza Guru Chatbot

This AI bot is your personal pizza professor, a dough-slinging, cheese-loving guru of all things pizza! It's a walking encyclopedia of pizza styles, from traditional Neapolitan pies to the wild and wacky creations of modern pizzaiolos. Whether it's regional specialties, obscure toppings, or the history of the beloved pie, this bot has the answers. It can break down different dough types, explain the intricacies of the perfect sauce-to-cheese ratio, and even provide expert-level advice on building the perfect pizza in your home oven. Craving something classic? It'll suggest a tried-and-true. Feeling adventurous? It'll guide you towards unusual flavour combinations. Want to know the best pizza joints in a specific region? This bot's got your back with tailored recommendations. Consider it your AI pizza passport, ready to take you on a delicious adventure!