Prophecy Description Quiz

Welcome to the prophecy description quiz. A prophecy is a message from God that is proclaimed by a prophet. These words and phrases are incredibly powerful, and if you are a Christian, you have a very special calling from God. You have the ability to speak to people about their futures and the future of others. You are a true prophet, and you will use this gift to serve others and share the word of God with the world.

To find out if you have a prophecy, take this quiz. The answer will determine how accurate your knowledge of biblical prophecy is. This quiz will provide you with a detailed description of each of the prophets. There are several questions to test your understanding of Bible prophecy. The questions are intended to help you understand what each of these prophets says about themselves.

Which prophets predicted the future of the world? Are you familiar with these prophets? If so, take our quiz to find out if you have a calling from the Lord! What is your prophecy description? And what about the world around you? There are five different types of prophecy: the Old Testament and the New. A prophet's role is to speak the word of God and urge people to follow the instructions of Moses.

What is your Prophecy Description?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Prophecy Description is.