Prophecy Quiz

Welcome to the prophecy quiz. Did you ever know that you have a prophecy? Many people believe that the Bible is filled with them. The prophets of old used to speak about the future to help people prepare for the future. However, the Bible is full of surprises and misunderstandings. Taking a quiz is the easiest way to discover if you're a prophet. The Bible is full of predictions and omens. The word prophecy means "a prophecy." The term is actually a combination of the words prophet, omen, and promise. The first three words come from the Old French and Greek, respectively. The meaning of the word "prophecy" can be confusing. It can be confusing, especially for people who don't know how to read the Bible. Thankfully, there's a simple quiz to find out if you're a prophet or not. You can learn how to tell if you're a prophet by answering the questions below. You might be a prophet, an omen, or a sign, and a prophecy is a message from God to a person or group. The Bible includes references to the gift of prophecy, and many of its examples are from the Bible. If you're a prophet, you might be a self-fulfilling prophecy. That means you'll be able to see the future. The question is: Can you relate to this prophecy? The answer will surprise you! But the more you learn about yourself, the better you'll be able to determine the right way to respond to situations.

What is your Prophecy?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Prophecy is.