Revenge Story Quiz

Welcome to the revenge story quiz. A revenge story is everywhere, in literature, film, and pop culture. Some of the most famous ones are the Titanic, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Hamlet. Some of your favorite novels and TV shows are revenge stories, too. What is yours? Take our Revenge Story Quiz and find out! There are several ways to answer the question, including answering the storyline's role in your own life.

Your character starts a rumor about a classmate. When it spreads, it ruins everyone's life. But she doesn't want to ruin anyone's life, so she has to figure out a way to stop lying. Or she had an ugly breakup with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Now, the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend moves back to town and plots vengeance. In this case, the ex-girlfriend/girlfriend decides to ruin her current relationship in order to get revenge.

Whether your revenge story is a novel or a movie, the theme of a novel or movie will always have its own unique storyline. There are several popular books and movies that are centered around the theme of revenge. What makes a good revenge story different from the rest of the genre is the setting. It could be set in the past or the present. In the past, a writer might have used this idea to tell a crime, but he or she would have had to use some type of a method to catch the perpetrator.

What is your Revenge Story?

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