Road Name Quiz

Welcome to the road name quiz. If you have ever driven down the street and noticed it was a street with a very interesting name, then you are probably already familiar with street names and how they can affect your life. You may not know the meaning behind them, but they can also help you gain reputation and respect. A famous example of a road with a unique name is Machine Gun Kelly, who lived in the 1920s and went by the name "North Wilson." Historically, a road was named after the city or town to which it led. This happened in many places, but the street name often changed once it got closer to its destination. For instance, a street named Hartford Avenue in Connecticut becomes Wethersfield Avenue. Sometimes, roads get renamed several times as opinions shift. In Oxford, for example, a road named Oxford Street changed its name five times before it finally became Banbury Avenue. A street can have more than one name. Some major roads, such as the Hume Highway, are known by two names: Sydney Road outside Melbourne, and Hoddle Highway to the north of Bridge Road and Punt Road to the south. Some streets cross state boundaries, so their names change over time. In New York, Seton Avenue is named after Queen Elizabeth. Mundy Lane is named after a famous French writer. In Lenexa, Kansas, a road with a long name is called Lackman Road.

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