Romanian Name Quiz

Welcome to the romanian name quiz. The meaning of your name may surprise you. There are many names with this origin and there are even a few variants. If you're not sure if your name is Romanian, here's a quick quiz to help you find out! Take the quiz now and find out if it's your real birthname. You can also check out the meanings of popular Romanian names!

You might be surprised by the answer. While many Romanian names have an English spelling, they are quite common in their native country. The first letter of the name Luca is pronounced lu-ka. This spelling comes from the Slavic word mir, meaning peace. Roxana is another Romanian name with Greek origins, but is more commonly used in the UK. In addition, the female form of the name Doina is a fashion choice. Sofia, which is the name of the Bulgarian city and the monumental mosque in Istanbul, is a popular choice in Romania. It has been adopted by celebrities and is becoming a popular choice in the UK.

Some Romanian names come from the names of famous people, such as Mihai the Great and Saint Andrew the Apostle. Other names, like Andrei, were adopted from other parts of Europe. In Romania, it is customary to give children a surname that reflects their ethnicity or country of origin. The surname 'Cojoc' also has a Scandinavian connection, and the city of Craiova is named after a town in the region.

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