Round Earth Theory Quiz

Welcome to the round earth theory quiz. When you look down at the surface of the Earth, you might think of it as a blue marble with white swirls. But is it really a round planet? You should know that the Earth is not a solid ball. It is a globe. The surface is covered by water. More than seventy percent of the planet is covered by water. The swirls of white are clouds. The brown areas are land. The equator divides the Earth into two parts.

The circle of the Earth is a circle. All planets and stars are round. On earth, day and night occur at different times. This is a result of the Coriolis Effect, which deflects objects freely moving from the horizon. The radii of the circles indicate the size of the Earth. When the surface of the Earth is round, the planets orbit the sun. The Sun, moon, and moon orbit the Earth.

The earth appears round to the naked eye. We can see this through satellites, but it is far from flat. It is not perfectly round. However, appearances are not always deceiving. The earth is not as flat as we think. The surface of the planet is not completely round. Even ancient Greek scholars proposed that the earth was a sphere. They believed this was the case when they saw ships sinking into the horizon when they were sailing away from shore.

What is your Round Earth Theory?

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