Sea Name Quiz

Welcome to the sea name quiz. If you think the open ocean is beautiful, think again. It is one of the least protected and known ecosystems on Earth, and few humans actually know what it's called. The open ocean is home to a wide variety of creatures and organisms, and it is also one of the least understood. In the quiz, you will learn more about the ocean than you ever imagined. You'll learn the names of seven distinct ocean areas, including the White Shark Cafe, where you can see great white sharks during the winter, and the Ross, the largest sanctuary on earth.

In this quiz, you will discover your true sea name. Answer the questions correctly and you'll find out where you live. Which is your favorite sea? Take the quiz below to learn more about this important topic. What is your favorite sea? There are many different kinds of oceans to choose from. For example, the Atlantic Ocean is a huge body of water, while the Caribbean is a small island.

What is your favorite sea? Apparently, the Atlantic Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. The Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Arabian Sea are all part of the Atlantic ocean. However, there are also many inland seas. Besides the Atlantic, the other oceans that make up the world's waters are the Mediterranean, the Pacific, the Mediterranean, and the Arabian Sea. Despite their size, the Mediterranean is the largest in the world. The South China and the Pacific Oceans are the most populated.

What is your Sea Name?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Sea Name is.