Serbian Name Quiz

Welcome to the serbian name quiz. There are several possibilities when naming your child in Serbia. The name might be based on your mother's name, an occupation, or another feature of your personality. In Serbia, the most common suffix is 'ic'. This name quiz provides ten random results. You can use one of the names for naming a work, but you can't use any other names or images submitted by other users.

The most common name in Serbia is Nikola. The name is derived from the Greek goddess 'Nika' and is the source of the Nike shoe brand. Other popular names include Dragica and Milicia. Dragica is a diminutive of the word Draga, which means "loved". Other popular Serbian names include Matija, Milan, and Milos. The name Mio is an Arabic form of the Hebrew word Mio, which means 'kind'.

The most common male name in Serbia is Milica, which is a feminine version of Paul. It means beautiful and noble. Others, like Dejana, are derived from the male name Vasko, meaning more glory. The word Dragica comes from the Slavic word 'dorgu,' meaning precious. Some popular male names include Vlade Divac, who played basketball for the first time in Europe. And finally, Volter, a Slavic name that means 'peace,' is a feminine version of the name Vladimir. It can be a combination of both - it can mean 'victory' or 'peace'.

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