Servant Name Quiz

Welcome to the servant name quiz. There are many names that have the meaning of "servant." One of the most popular is Lancer of Black. This character was inspired by Vlad Tepes, a Wallachian ruler who fought against the Ottoman Empire. He was also known for impaling his victims with stakes. In fact, he served as the inspiration for Dracula in Bram Stoker's horror novel.

A servant lives under the submission of another. While most servants submit to their almighty master first, most put the needs of those they serve above their own. They strive to help others achieve the highest levels of performance. In fact, they are superior to anyone else in the world. That's why the title "servant" is often associated with a commissioned officer. So, if you're wondering what your servant name is, try taking our free Servant Name Quiz to find out. You'll be surprised by the answers!

In anime, servants have seven classes. In some cases, the master summons their servants to fight in the Holy Grail Wars. They were usually called 'b'. What's yours? What is your servant name? Are you the perfect servant? If so, take the quiz! And find out what your true name is. You'll be surprised at what you discover!

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