Shona Name Quiz

Welcome to the shona name quiz. A Shona name is a unique form of the Irish name John. It is also an alternate form of the Yiddish name Sheina, meaning "beautiful." This unique form of the name can come with a lot of nicknames. A Shona can be ambitious, self-reliant, independent, or decisive. These are all characteristics of the people who bear it.

Some common Shona names are Anengoni and Chatunga. Ropafadzo is a girl's name that means "blessing of God." Rufaro is a boy's name that means "there is a God." Both names sound like they belong on a Southerner. While these aren't the only names with unique meanings, they are all beautiful.

If you have a Shona surname, you might have a name like Chatunga. It means "fighter." A short version of this name is "Hapakari," which means "heavens" and comes from the statement that the earth has not yet emptied. Another option is to take the Shona name quiz and see if your name has any etymology.

If you haven't guessed it yet, you're not alone. This name is used almost exclusively in the native region of Zimbabwe. It translates to 'war goat'. Most Shona speakers associate it with poverty. The word mhondoro, which means "lion," is a metaphor for 'failure'. The name is derived from a combination of the words 'itai' and'mhondoro'.

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