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Welcome to the slave name quiz. What is your slave name? There are more than 600,000 names associated with slavery in the Americas. The first name that slaves were given is often their family's surname. In the 19th century, the Dutch and British slave trades resulted in over 600,000 black people being enslaved in their colonies. The descendants of enslaved people are often unaware of their ancestry and are unaware of the impact their names had on their lives.

What is your slave name? The first generation of Slaves were named after their owners. Many were given African first names, which corresponded to higher status jobs. While some scholars have suggested that slaves chose their own first names, Trevor is skeptical. Slaves often chose their own names based on distinctive features of their appearance or weather. In addition, some slaves chose their own surnames.

Some historians believe that names given to slaves are meaningful indicators of the slave's culture and the changing customs. Slaves were given new names by their masters. Some were allowed to keep their original African names. Others had their names changed. In the Carolinas, first-generation slaves were commonly assigned Portuguese or Spanish names. Only one-fifth of enslaved Africans retained their original names. Slaves often transferred their names to their descendants in modified forms.

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