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Welcome to the snowland name quiz. Having a unique name is something that everyone should strive to achieve. It can be used in gaming, story-telling, or social media. However, many people have trouble coming up with a unique name. This article will teach you how to come up with a unique name. It may be the most challenging part of your creative process. Read on to discover how to come up with an original, memorable, and memorable one!

The country was originally called Snaeland before the Vikings came. Naddoddur Asvaldsson, the first Norwegian explorer, accidentally discovered the island in 800AD. Another Norwegian, Gardar Svavarsson, renamed it Gardarsholmur. The name of the island came from his name, "Raven-Floki." The name was given to the island after the first winter when his people struggled to survive. Then in the ninth century, Vilgerdarson's people renamed it Island after the fjord filled with icebergs.

The third lead Norseman to reach Iceland, Floki Vilgerdarson, was the first one to arrive. He led his boat using a raven, and hoped to settle his people in this great land. The first winter in Iceland was harsh and his people were unable to find food. Floki's people renamed it Island (Iceland) after a fjord filled with icebergs.

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