Stupid Question Quiz

Welcome to the stupid question quiz. Are you a neophyte? Are you a science nerd? These are some of the stupidest questions you've ever heard, and if you can't think of an answer, it's time to take the 'Stupid Question Quiz'! Find out what your Stupid Questions are! Don't miss your chance to learn more! What is your Stupid Question? Are you curious about the answer to one of the following questions? Take the 'What is your Stupid Questions?' quiz and find out! Have you ever wondered why bankruptcy attorneys are making money out of people filing for bankruptcy? How about ambulances? And what about a certain celebrity? It doesn't really matter - you're likely to find your 'Stupid Questions' through this quiz! Do you think animals can talk? The answer to this question is "Yes." - What are your 'Stupid Questions?' - If you answered 'No', you're a "Stupid Person!" - Now that you've figured out your 'Stupid Questions,' let's play a little 'Stupid Question Quiz'! What's your Stupid Question? Are you scared of getting a toothache? Have you ever been in a mental hospital? Those questions, and many more, are a logical answer to a lot of questions. So go ahead and take the quiz! The answers might surprise you! You'll be surprised! If you're a man, a 'Stupid Question' can make you appear sane!

What is your Stupid Question?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Stupid Question is.