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Welcome to the suebi name quiz. The word Suebi comes from early Scandinavian sources, as well as Norse mythology. The oldest attestation of the name is the Proto-Nordic name Swabaharjaz found on the Ro runestone. Another example is the place name Svogerslev. The term "Suebian" was derived from the word svafa, which means "Suebian". A Valkyrie named Svafa is mentioned in an eddic poem, and the kingdom of Svafaland appears in the Thidrekssaga.

The Suebi migrated from the Baltic Sea in the 6th century to the area of present-day Germany. The Romans called this area Mare Suebencum, and the Suebi spread southward along the Elbe River. Tacitus describes them as living in central Germany. In the early centuries C. E., the word Suebi was a synonym for Germans. The tribes spoke a Germanic language that evolved into modern dialect.

The Suebi lived near the Baltic Sea, in what is now Germany. The Romans called this area Mare Suebenicum, and it was their territory. Later, the Lombards invaded Iberia and incorporated many Danubian peoples. The word Suebia has several meanings, and is believed to have originated from the same root. The word also originated in Scandinavia, as well as in the Middle Ages.

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