Tamil Name Quiz

Welcome to the tamil name quiz. The Tamil language is an Indian sub-language. It is most closely related to the Sanskrit language, but the writing system is somewhat different. The last letter of a Tamil name is a complex retroflex consonant called 'thu.' This sound is not found in the Roman script, but is common in Thamizh. It can be difficult to pronounce for people outside south India, though.

The Tamil word for water is 'Thanneer', though you can also see 'Neer' and 'Thanni'. A similar suffix, 'Jalam,' is used to refer to English. In some dialects, locals often call people who boast in English 'Peter.' In the Maldives, people give buttermilk to visitors, which helps cool the body. Urban Tamil speakers use a mash-up of English words and Tamil terms.

If you have a common name in Tamil, you may be surprised to learn that you are a member of the Dravidian family. In this case, your Tamil name will begin with an 'a','s', or 'y'. For example, "Nyar" is the plural form of "nyr." If you were born in Kerala, you'd have the same name as an English person, but with a 'y' instead of a 'g'.

Nouns in Tamil have agglutinative roots, which means that words consist of a lexical root and one or more affixes. These make it difficult to translate, but it's not impossible! According to Today Translations, cellaatiruppvr is the eighth most difficult word to translate. It is important to know the difference between 'a' and 'y' in Tamil because there is no standard way to determine the gender of a word.

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