The Dark Crystal Urru Name Quiz

Welcome to the the dark crystal urru name quiz. The urRus are a group of creatures from The Lord of the Rings. They are the dominant race and are the source of magic. They have individualistic ideologies, wear unique clothes and did not corroborate with the ursu. Their names are also different from ursu. They speak high language for ritual and demonic language for literary purposes. The name of a skeksis includes the prefix skek, which means "demon."

Which urRu are you? Take this quiz to find out! The names of the ukSkeks are the most mysterious in The Lord of the Rings universe. These magical beings sprang from the aether and were first called "urSkeks". After a certain event, the ukSkeks were split up. The Great Division separated the 18 ukSkeks into the ursu and the skeksis. This split represented the good and evil natures in a single being. In other words, the id and super-ego of a creature could only split into two parts. This allowed the characters to mutate and regress and ultimately create different beings.

The urSkeks are a mysterious group of creatures. The world of Thra was split when the crystal lost a shard. This Great Division was a major event in the history of mankind. It split 18 ukSkeks into two, the ursu and the skeksis. The ursus and skeksis represented the good and evil natures of humans. The ukSkeks are divided into the skeksis and ursu. Both of these two forms of the same creature. Thus, injury or death to one would affect the other.

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