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Welcome to the throne hall description quiz. What is your Throne Room Description? Answer the following questions to test your knowledge. Is your Throne Chamber a church or a palace? A throne room was an extension of the royal apartments. It was the state dining room and reception room. Duel tournaments were held here, and a king or queen had to win trials to become king or queen. The throne room was also known as the Chapel of the Kings and Queens, since it had a domed ceiling.

The Throne Room is also called the Great Hall, and is where the king or the Hand of the Kings once sat. It is a large hall with an Iron Throne at one end. The throne was located before King's Landing, and the king or Hand held court there to receive petitions, oversee official ceremonies, and receive petitioners. In the series, new emperors were crowned by placing a crown on their heads, and sitting upon the Iron Priam, which is a replica of the throne.

The throne room is an elevated chair, and it represents the importance of the occupant. It is usually made of expensive materials, and adorned with images of land and personal symbols. Throne rooms were often set up in a special hall within the palace. The king's throne room was a final resting place for the common man. The throne room was also the location of important state councils.

What is your Throne Hall Description?

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