Top 10 Halloween Jokes

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The Top 10 Halloween Jokes List

These are the Top 10 Halloween Jokes for 2022.

1. Where does a ghost go on vacation? Mali-boo.
2. How can you tell when a vampire has been in a bakery? All the jelly has been sucked out of the jelly doughnuts.
3. What is in a ghost’s nose? Boo-gers.
4. How do mummies tell their future? They read their horror-scope.
5. Why did the Cyclops give up teaching? He only had one pupil!
6. What is in a ghost’s nose? Boo-gers.
7. Why did the headless horseman go into business? He wanted to get ahead in life.
8. Knock Knock! Who’s there? Hans. Hans who? Hans off my candy!
9. What are two witches living together called? Broommates.
10. What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert? I scream.

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