Top 20 Belt Names

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The Top 20 Belt Names List

These are the top 20 Belt Names for 2024.

1. Demon Links of Burning Voices
2. Silver Belt of Faded Hope
3. Twilight Gunbelt of the Dreadlord
4. Roaring Bone Waistguard
5. Feral Bronzed Waistband
6. Warrior Iron Links
7. Storm Girdle of Lifestealing
8. Leggings of the Unyielding
9. Waistguard of Fleeting Trials
10. Conqueror Iron Links
11. Bronzed Links of Endless Glory
12. Bronze Belt of Broken Bloodlust
13. Thunderguard Cord of Heroes
14. Ebon Waistband of Silent Voices
15. Cornucopia Belt
16. Demon Links of Burning Voices
17. Cord of Imminent Punishment
18. Haunted Steel Waistguard
19. Gunbelt of Ominous Ancestors
20. Mortal Coil

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