Top 20 Cloak Names

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The Top 20 Cloak Names List

These are the top 20 Cloak Names for 2024.

1. Scaled Mantle of Demonic Whispers
2. Linen Cape of Damned Honor
3. Twilight Cloth Greatcloak
4. Scaled Shroud of Sacred Freedom
5. Greatcloak of Ominous Visions
6. Ominous Shroud of Delirium
7. Thunderstorm Cloth Drape
8. Doom Drape of Faded Memories
9. Ancient Cape of Carnage
10. Padded Mantle of Broken Kings
11. Roaring Padded Cape
12. Mantle of Doomed Lands
13. Spite Greatcloak of Fire Resist
14. Roaring Cape of Protection
15. Renovated Wrap of the Moonwalker
16. Padded Drape of Distant Souls
17. Warrior Cloak of Dismay
18. Wrathful Cloth Wrap
19. Storm Silk Greatcloak
20. Faithful Silk Greatcloak

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