Top 20 Goblin King Names

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The Top 20 Goblin King Names List

These are the top 20 Goblin King Names for 2024.

1. Throgsnarl the Fearmonger
2. Zulrog the Destroyer
3. Zilgrak the Tyrant
4. Snagglefang the Piercing
5. Skrogtusk the Cruel
6. Gnarlug the Merciless
7. Gormuk the Shadow
8. Snagglefang the Piercing
9. Snagtooth the Vicious
10. Morglurk the Shadow
11. Skrogtusk the Cruel
12. Grimfang the Relentless
13. Snagtooth the Vicious
14. Zorlak the Fierce
15. Drakthorn the Sinister
16. Zilgrak the Tyrant
17. Grogthar the Cunning
18. Gnarlug the Merciless
19. Snikblade the Ruthless
20. Skalgash the Insatiable

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