Top 30 East Asian Town Names

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The Top 30 East Asian Town Names List

These are the top 30 East Asian Town Names for 2024.

1. Lotus Lake Avenue
2. Cherry Blossom Lane
3. Golden Bridge Lane
4. Cherry Blossom Meadow
5. Cherry Blossom Lane
6. Phoenix Rising Square
7. Blossom Peak Crescent
8. Bamboo Temple Street
9. Bamboo Grove Terrace
10. Rising Sun Plaza
11. Sacred Lotus Square
12. Pearl Dragon Plaza
13. Pagoda Garden Path
14. Imperial Lotus Road
15. Lost Bamboo Village
16. Lost Bamboo Village
17. Golden Pagoda Path
18. Lotus Petal Lane.
19. Golden Pagoda Path
20. Jade Dragon Alley
21. Cherry Blossom Lane
22. Cherry Blossom Lane
23. Lotus Petal Lane.
24. Harmony Harbor Lane
25. Emerald Dragon Way
26. Jade Dragon Alley
27. Azure Dragon Alley
28. Mountain Mist Court
29. Rising Sun Plaza
30. Tranquility Springs Street

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