Town Name Quiz

Welcome to the town name quiz. Have you ever wondered where some of those weird town names come from? Most of us learned about capitals in middle school, but what about those little towns that have no capital at all? This quiz will test your creativity and knowledge of where towns come from. Here are some unusual examples of town names from around the world. You can also find out if a town is named after a celebrity. Jimmy Kimmel was born in a Vietnamese village called Hua Thang. Some town names are evocative of their locale. For instance, an Estonian village named Afak sounds like a place that smoked tobacco. Another name is Akniste, which means "pizza face" in Latvia. Thankfully, there's no airport in this city. Despite the interesting names of some places, they all have something in common. In the case of Legal, the Netherlands, Candy Town is the name of a parish in the country. In Canada, Akniste is the name of a small village that is named after a Catholic priest. In Finland, a municipality called Stink translates as member. In France, a town called Afak is the capital of the province. In Latvia, the name Akniste is pronounced like "boneer". In France, the town is called Afak. In America, it is called Afak, after the river. The French have nicknamed the river after a famous Romanian author, Rudyard Kipling. And in the United States, the name Afak is the name of a city in Mississippi.

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