Train Name Quiz

Welcome to the train name quiz. Have you ever wondered what your train name is? The original word for train is "train," which originated in English before the invention of the locomotive. This term originally referred to the part of a woman's dress that trails behind her. Brides often have trains trailing behind them at weddings, but the word also applied to robes and cloaks unrelated to nuptials. The word train comes from a French verb that means "to draw or drag." In English, the word originally referred to the tail of a woman's gown.

The modern word for train was born in the nineteenth century when the first railway was built in England. By then, the modern word for train had been established. The meaning of train varies from person to person, but in general, it's related to transportation. If you're a man who loves trains, a train name might have to do with your personality and personal style. Whether your train name is a fun way to express yourself or simply a way to travel, there's a name for you out there.

You can't go wrong with a name for a train. Some have goofy names such as Jawn Henry, Galloping Goose, Flying Hamburger, and Galloping Goose. Whether you prefer an unusual name or a more recognizable one, you're sure to find the right one for yourself. And what's more, you can find out about your own personality by answering a few easy questions about your personality.

What is your Train Name?

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