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Generate a random trivia question and answer from a huge range of trivia subjects. Trivia subjects include history, entertainment, travel, science, sports, celebrities and many more. The Trivia Generator is the perfect tool for hosting trivia nights or just having fun answering questions. The questions and answers are also great for teaching students and other educational purposes.

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Trivia Generator Overview

The trivia generator generates random trivia questions and answers from a huge database of questions and answers. The subject range is huge and there is enough trivia content to keep you entertained for years.

If you see any incorrect answers or questions that could be asked in a better way please comment below.

How to Generate a Trivia

Hit the generate button to generate a random trivia question. You can reveal the answer to the trivia question by using the Show button. Control the number of trivia questions generated by using the Sets options. When you are happy with the trivia questions and answer you have generated, use the Copy button to copy the trivia content to your device. Don't forget to share you generated trivia across social media with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest sharing buttons.

Trivia API

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8 Tips on How to Host a Trivia Night

1. Find a good venue for your Trivia Night.
2. Decide if you want to have a trivia theme or just cover everything.
3. Send out invites, use social media and get the crowd in.
4. Make sure the rules for the trivia night are clear.
5. Create good questions using a cool tool like this one.
6. Make sure you keep score and don't lose track.
7. Select an MC for the evening who knows how to host a trivia night.
8. Make your trivia night extra special!

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