Vampire Clan Name Quiz

Welcome to the vampire clan name quiz. Take the Vampire Clan Name Quiz. You'll be glad you did! These tests are made for people who like the vampire series and want to know if they belong to a particular clan. You may have already thought about a clan name, or you may have even been considering starting one. This fun and easy quiz will determine whether you're part of the bloodsucking family or not.

The Tremere are one of the oldest clans, with many centuries of history. The members of this cult use alchemy and magic to achieve their objectives. However, as time goes on, their potions become ineffective and they must rely on their Sires for protection. In order to combat the rampant Diablerie, the Tremere cursed the Banu Haqim with an insidious curse that prevents them from benefiting from Diablerie.

If you're wondering what kind of vampire you are, consider the Ventrue. The Toreador is the heart of the Camarilla and the epitome of beauty, passion, and lust. The Ventrue are notoriously sexy and glamorous, and are often the ones responsible for the stereotype of the vampire's seduction.

What is your Vampire Clan Name?

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