Viking Town Name Quiz

Welcome to the viking town name quiz. If you've ever heard of a town with a Nordic name, you've probably wondered what it means. There are a lot of variations on this theme, so if you're not sure what your town's name actually means, check out our Viking Towns Quiz to find out! This quiz will help you learn about Viking towns, and you might even be able to find a unique name for your town.

If you've lived in England for a while, you've likely heard some Viking town names. For example, the town of York is actually a combination of two words: eoforwic and jorvik. While you probably don't know the origins of these words, you can probably recognize these elements. For instance, thorpe means a village, keld means spring, nes is a cape, and dale is a valley. You might have heard of a place called Eoforwic or Jorvik, and Shelton was changed to Skelton. The two-word combos have a similar meaning, with eoforwic and jorgvik meaning wild boar settlement, while skelton refers to a farmstead or enclosure.

A place name based on the elements -ala- can mean a farm, hamlet, or sacred place, while dalle means a settlement or clearing near an alder tree. Both dalle and elag are common elements in place names. If you don't know the meaning of a place name, take the quiz and find out! It's fun!

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