Village Name Quiz

Welcome to the village name quiz. The Penguin Dictionary of British Place Names contains quizzes that test your knowledge of UK towns and villages. The answers will vary depending on your answer. This is the most popular type of quiz, and you should take one if you want to know more about the country. In the quiz below, you'll find all the different town and village names. The answers will be given in alphabetical order.

Choosing your village name is an important part of family history. Knowing your ancestry's history, where your family came from, and how you became involved in your research will help you to answer questions more effectively. Fortunately, SGGEE has established a set of standards to ensure that your research will be as effective as possible. The SGGEE Gazetteers contain information about more than six thousand villages. These are useful when locating your ancestral villages on maps.

Using a map can help you find your ancestral village. Whether you live in the United States or Canada, you can use a map to help you locate your roots. Several sites provide topographic maps of the country. These maps can help you find your ancestral villages on a map and improve your family research. Most SGGEE members use these maps for their research. Likewise, SGGEE members are encouraged to use these maps.

What is your Village Name?

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