Villain Name Quiz

Welcome to the villain name quiz. If you've ever watched a movie, you've probably wondered, "What is my Villain name?" You may be interested in knowing what evil character you are and whether you have a similar personality. But before you make that decision, you should know a few things about the villain in question. For example, if you're into violence, you'll want your name to be 'Casanova'. If you're more into violence, your name will be 'Ragnarok.' If you're into freaky movies, you'll want to know what genre you'll fall under.

Who is your favorite villain? The best way to find out is to take our quiz and see which supervillain you're most like! After you've answered the questions correctly, you'll get to know your favorite character's powers and name. Try to avoid using too many supervillain names, as this could lead to confusion. For example, you could choose the name of a famous villain from a favorite comic book or movie. A cool villain name is one that you recognize from your childhood.

Likewise, a supervillain with the name Tyborr might be a 'Clown' or 'Hexi the Clown'. If you're the 'Clown', then Hexi the Clown would have to hide his DNA. If you had his DNA, you could trace him with a DNA print or a handwritten letter. Then you'd know who he or she was and who they'd be sworn to protect them.

What is your Villain Name?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Villain Name is.