Wakfu Sram Name Quiz

Welcome to the wakfu sram name quiz. The Sram are secretive rogues and assassins, known for wearing skulls and masks. They wear skeleton suits to conceal their identities. They also carry full purses so that they can steal everything in them. Generally, Sram names are nickname-like, but they can be the same as the family name of the Smisse.

The Sram character is not named after a candy bar. The word is a homophone of the Malay word Seram, which means "horror, scary, or terrifying". But it only applies to the malevolent-motivated. Srams are one of five classes that cover their faces completely. In fact, their faces are actually a part of their body!

If you are unsure of your Sram name, take the WAKFU Sram Name Quiz to find out. The answers are based on the characters' appearance and their powers. The first three results are for the Sram class. The remaining three are for the other classes. What are your Srams' powers? You can change them by renaming them on the game server.

The Sram class is the most powerful class in the Star Wars universe. They can control time and space. The Sram name is derived from the word seram. It means'sacrifice,' but it does not apply to humans. However, Srams are the only class with completely covered faces. They can only see human faces through portals.

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