Walt Whitman Quote Quiz

Welcome to the walt whitman quote quiz. When you hear a Walt Whitman quote, you might think it means something simple, but it can actually mean much more. The American poet wrote many poems and quotes that are very powerful and speak to the heart. From his work Song of the Broad Axe to his poetry, this great man was a powerful advocate for individuality. He wanted to express the universal truth of mankind and to honor individuality in the process.

What is your Walt Whitman Quote? Take this short quiz and find out! You may be surprised at how many famous quotes are inscribed in a poem! Some people have a hard time choosing one, but a simple word can help you decide which one is right for you. Try to answer these questions honestly. The results may surprise you! There are over a thousand quotes by Walt and dozens of them are perfect. If you can't decide on your favorite, don't worry. You can take a quiz and find out!

How much do you know about the life of an American author? There are many, but the most popular is Leaves of Grass. His book is a masterpiece of American literature and a landmark in American literature. The poet grew up in a humble family with little formal education. He began working at a young age, as an office boy. Then, he worked in the printing industry and wrote poetry.

What is your Walt Whitman Quote?

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