Waterfall Name Quiz

Welcome to the waterfall name quiz. Did you know that the most beautiful waterfalls are named? The waterfall quiz is a fun way to learn more about a waterfall's name and its location. It has different categories, so you might want to pick one from each of them. Some of the best examples of named falls are the Crystal Falls in Niagara Falls, Washington, and the Hadlock Fall in Mount Rainier National Park.

If you're in the mood for a waterfall quiz, why not try our Waterfall Name Quiz? This fun game will help you find the best waterfalls and find the best names. The highest volume and speed is found in Angel Falls, which spans 1.7 km in width and 807 m in height. There are other types of waterfalls as well, including fan-shaped ones.

There are many types of waterfalls, but the most famous is Angel Falls in Africa. It is the tallest waterfall in the world, at 979 metres. Take this quiz and discover the name of your favourite. If you can name a single waterfall, you've found your perfect Waterfall Name! Just remember to choose the correct answer for each category! The more answers you give, the more likely you'll be able to identify the perfect one for yourself!

What is your Waterfall Name?

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