Werewolf Pack Name Quiz

Welcome to the werewolf pack name quiz. If you're a wolf, your pack name might be something like Poldark or the Vampire Diaries' Tyler's. Another popular choice for your pack is the Uley Pack, or the Twilight series' The Spectrals. These groups are surprisingly similar, so you can be sure yours is too. And while you'll have to ask yourself if you're an Alpha or a Beta, there's no limit to how many names you can pick.

The best way to come up with a memorable and unique pack name is by brainstorming. Think of the most exciting and memorable things that you've read or heard about. Your chosen character might be a Nightshade, Moon, or Fighter. You can pick the type of pack that best represents you by researching the different personalities in your pack. This way, you'll feel like you're truly identifying with your favorite pack member.

There are some funny and cute pack names - Savage Stalkers, The Lost Pride, and Vanished Pack. There's also the Appalachian Mountains Pack (from 'The Vampire Diaries') and BasRoq's Wolf Pack from the 'Twilight' series. And if you're feeling unsure of yourself, try picking up the "The Wolf Quiz" and find your own unique name.

What is your Werewolf Pack Name?

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