Wyvern Name Quiz

Welcome to the wyvern name quiz. If you want to find out what your wyvern name is, then take this Wyvern Name Quiz. The questions on the quiz will tell you if you have a wyvern or a dragon. Taking the quiz will help you find out if you are named after one of the many dragons that exist in the world. There are many different names for wyverns, and all of them have interesting stories and mythological meanings.

A wyvern is a mythical creature with a long neck and tail. Unlike most dragons, this lizard does not breathe fire, but rather is nocturnal and can live in the darkness of the underworld. Its name comes from the smell of burning things, and the green aniseed alcoholic spirit called "dragon's blood." Its name derives from a Greek god of fire and a legendary Egyptian god of the Nile. Likewise, it is a common mascot in sports and culture. Leyton Orient F.C. and Carlisle United FC have wyverns on their crests.

There are a variety of possible meanings for dragon names. A dragon's name can be derived from various things. It can be derived from an Italian word meaning "little fire", a Japanese word for dragon, an Egyptian god of the Nile, or even a fictional alien humanoid reptile. The word "wyvern" also has several meanings, including the nickname for a fictional Ace Combat aircraft. It is also the name of a king or queen, or the character of a popular cartoon series.

What is your Wyvern Name?

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